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It is something of a dilemma with many guys. Where to take your escort for a great night. Naturally this depends to a degree on what you plan to do with your escort and why you have booked her in the first place. Many guys have an expectation of a very fast date with their escort and perhaps have the stereotypical view of a quick hotel bedroom booking for an hour to simply satisfy themselves with their high class sexy young escort. But the reality can be somewhat more exciting if it is planned and thought about a little.

A GFE escort is a girl that will act fully as your girlfriend for the duration of your date. This means that she is more than happy to entertain and accompany you in exactly the same way as a girlfriend would.

So, for a guy looking for some female sexy company as well as perhaps something a little naughtier to complete the date then there are many opportunities of things that you can do with your escort if you book enough time.

Obviously, a great starting point is deciding where to meet your escort in the first place. This can very much set the tone of the date ahead also. Check out your location online and research a few bars maybe? Be sure you don’t find anything too noisy or full of kids. The ideal bar scenario to meet your escort would be a modern trendy place that has somewhere nice and quiet where you can sit together and get to know each other a little.

Treat her to a cocktail or maybe buy your escort a large glass of wine and sit together breaking the ice. You will soon know how you are getting on and most escorts are great conversation makers. Decide and judge by how you are getting on how much time you want to spend their together them either get a few more drinks in or decide to go for a meal with your pretty young escort.

There will be plenty or restaurants available close by regardless of which city you are staying in. Same rules really apply though as they off to choosing a bar. You will need an area of privacy where you can sit together and chat and maybe you will be lucky if your sexy escort gives you a little kiss on the cheek. Enjoy choosing from the menu and ordering your meal, maybe a glass or bottle of wine to really relax both parties and then enjoy your food together.

After a lovely meal together you should be really getting close and probably flirting a little also – and why not? At this stage you can decide to either go for a couple more drinks together in a different bar or you may choose to go back to your private hotel room. Again, try to maintain the atmosphere, your sexy escort will appreciate it.

Champagne ordered from room service maybe, or have a box of chocolates in the room ready for when you get back. A box of chocolates not only makes a lovely gift but also offers a myriad of opportunities for when the fun and games actually start.

All of your care and attention to detail with the time you have spent getting to know your escort will be repaid now. You will have a close bond together, know a few things about each other and the time spent moving forward will be far more intimate and exciting than if you had only just met your escort 5 minutes earlier.

She will have built a connection with you and your beautiful young escort will want to please and satisfy you in the best ways that she knows. Time very well spent we suggest, and a much happier quality date than if you had rushed things.

Most escorts will love this approach as it makes a delightful change from the normal booking that they may experience. You may well be paid back many times over for your generosity and you may also have a new companion for life if you treat her well. Remember, escorts make great companions.