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If you’ve never hired an escort before the process can all seem a bit daunting - especially if you’re doing it on your own without any advice from a friend. In order to make it all easier for you, here’s a few tips right here that we regularly share with first time bookers. They should definitely make this ‘first time journey’ feel a bit more comfortable for you:

Choose the right agency for you!

Are you looking for an upmarket escort, or a girl that isn’t going to cost you a fortune? Different agencies target different market sectors so it makes sense to do a little research beforehand.

The safety of our escorts is very important to us

An escort isn’t going to meet up with just anyone who calls and asks to book her. And likewise agencies aren’t going to just accept any Tom, Dick or Harry (or Callum, Stewart etc….). So, expect to answer a few personal questions first in order that they can do a background check. If calling an agency it can certainly help them find the best escort for you.

Don't be shy about your personal preferences

It’s okay to have like certain behaviours when you’re with an escort. And it’s definitely a good idea to talk about these with either the escort or the agency. That way you’ll both know what to expect and won’t waste any precious time trying to figure each other out on the actual date.

Check out the girls reviews first before booking if you are unsure 

Most agencies and many independent escorts now have their own website. Here you can check out reviews from previous clients of individual escorts. This can provide you with reassurance that you’ve chosen well in the first place.

Expect us to ask for your phone number to secure your booking

Like everyone escorts can be delayed or confused over an address. It doesn’t often happen but in order to prevent your being disappointed over such an eventuality an outcall escort will usually ask for a landline to contact you on, or that of your hotel (if applicable). If it’s an incall escort you’ve booked then she’ll look for a mobile number for you.

Always pay the escort at the beginning of your booking

Getting the money thing over with right at the start of the night takes away any awkwardness you might feel and it also gives your escort a sense of security. Most escorts prefer cash (in an envelope) rather than a bank transfer or some other credit card transaction.

You can expect to be dominated by our girls

Unless you’ve booked a particular service from an escort, you’ll find that the escort is usually the one in control of an encounter (especially if it’s your first time). This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for certain things you’d like, but rather that she will be the dominant one in the coupling - initially at least.

There is a lot more to learn when being with an escort for the first time but the above tips will certainly set you in the right direction. As for the rest, you’ll pick them up as you go along. Or find out by taking a look at other blogs on our website.