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Honey Girls are back again and this time we felt the need to discuss with you the do’s and don'ts of booking Cheap escorts in London, this is a very big topic which needs addressing and hopefully this blog will give you a helpful insight on how to to get the best out of your booking with our beautiful ladies and also make you more confident going into your booking, especially for the first time, we understand that can be very daunting.

Okay so we will be starting this article of with what we believe “you should do” when with our girls and if you follow these steps you are sure to be making the right impressions to charm your lady.

What you should do during your booking with an escort from Honey Girls

Have great manners - always be polite and respectable towards your girl and even the receptionists when you call up to arrange your booking, just remember that this is still making a first impression so if you are rude to our receptionists then don’t expect a booking with our agency.

When you are in the presence of our girls, talk to them with respect, be polite, open doors for her, pull the chair out at dinner and just treat her the way you would like to be treated really.

Have confidence in yourself - When meeting and greeting your companion be sure to show confidence and masculinity, it shows our ladies that you are at ease and happy to see her, it also helps with the girls confidence and will help you have a smoother booking.

Be sure to read the information on our website - We always advise that you are to read our terms and conditions page and the privacy policy before arranging a booking with our agency just to make sure you comply with all rules and regulates, it is at your own risk if you do book with us and you break the rules without reading them then you will have to suffer the consequences.

Location and Payments - If you have arrived but you are unsure what the room number was at the hotel or apartment then be sure to ring up our agency again but please do this in a private place such as your car, the last thing we would want is for you to ring us up in the hotel, it isn’t a good look for us or the girls and we always value their privacy to the highest standard.

With regards to the money we always advise you to put it in an envelope and leave it on the nearest side you can see when entering her place whether that be the living room table of the kitchen side, just leave it in sight for her to pick up and check.

What to say when ringing/knocking on her door - Please if possible avoid using the girls working name like “hey, is this denise from honey girls?”, just say “hi, it’s me”, the girl is expecting you at that time so she will know who you are and open the door for you, everything we do is to keep the girls safe, these girls have normal day to day lives outside of the industry and some even have other jobs so it’s very important these do not cross paths.

Don’t push your luck - Always appreciate your girl and never try to push your luck when it comes to other services you would like to try or ask for an extra ten minutes for free. Please stick with what was agreed with over the phone as it’s not very professional and our girls really don’t want to be put on the spot with awkward situations like this.

What you should avoid doing during your escort booking:

 Eating before your booking - We highly advise that if you are going to eat before your booking then try to not eat foods with a strong smell such as garlic or tuna, it’s just courtesy really and the chances are she really won’t want to kiss you with your breath smelling like that.

Aftershave - If you are going to wear aftershave then please just stick to putting this on your neck and wrists and nowhere else (aka downstairs), our girls don’t do it so please stick the to trend and keep it deodorant free.

Rates - Please do not even attempt to haggle the price with the girls as it has nothing to do with them and it is us the agency which sets these rates, our prices are non negotiable and what you see is what you get basically, it applies the same to if your boss asked you to work for less per hour, you’re not going to say yes are you?

Toilets and showers - Try to avoid using the ladies toilets where possible just more so for the hygiene of our girls, we understand when you have to go you have to go but please try and use another toilet before arriving because is she let everyone use her toilet then it would be as bad as the public toilets and no one wants that.

If you are having a shower at hers and that’s been agreed by your girl then please just don’t pee in her shower and have some courtesy, the girls are not stupid and the will definitely know if you have peed in there shower or not and it isn’t a good look on you in all honesty.

Surprise Gifts - If you are planning to show up with a surprise gift which we respect is a lovely idea, we appreciate it first if you can clear it up with our receptionist first just because the girl might have an allergy to the flowers which you are bring her or she could be allergic to the perfume that you have bought her and that could of been easily avoided by asking us first so we can help you out, we won’t spoil the surprise for the girl though so don’t worry about that.

Her other clients - Don’t ask her how many previous clients she has seen before you today or who she has booked in after, this is just not a topic which you should be discussing throughout your booking and in reality quite personal which she shouldn’t have to tell you about, it’s like her asking how much money you have in your bank account, so please respect that and avoid this question like the plague.

Overstay your booking - Always stick to your agreed booking time with our London escort agency and do not try to over run that time for what you have paid for, you wouldn’t work for free would you? Our girls will always leave your place at the correct time so if you are paying a visit to her than please respect that and respond in the same manner. If you require more time then please ring up the agency to see what we can sort out for you.

Cancellations - If you can’t make your booking or have decided you are not ready for your booking then we prefer it if you were just honest with us, basically don’t bull s*** us as we really have heard it all before and we have a business to run, we always respect your honesty and we will be happy to cancel your booking as long as you have given us over an hours notice before your booking.

False promises - Never make promises to our girls the next time you will see her such as gifts, tips or reviews if you can’t stick to your word, girls value trust and honesty highly so if you make promises you can’t keep then that really doesn’t look good on you and who looks like the fool at the end of it all? You.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our blog post!

Well that really is it for now but overtime we will be looking to add to this post with more do’s and don’ts for you punters. It’s been a pleasure as always and we really do hope that you take notes of these points before your meetup, it will benefit you in the long run, trust us!