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The way you should prepare yourself - both physically and mentally - for meeting up with an escort really isn’t that different to what you would do should you be getting ready for a first regular date.

In other words, you should make a special effort with your hygiene (take a shower, shave, put on fresh clothes etc) and presentation (look well groomed, make sure your hair looks good, wear cologne etc). Going to this sort of effort is only fair really because you can bet your bottom dollar that your London escort will spend a whole morning or afternoon making herself look fabulous for you.

Give heavy drinking and drugs a miss!

Understandably it can be daunting meeting an escort for the first time. However, don’t give in to your nerves and be tempted to hide them with a pint or two. Sure, have one drink to take the edge off, but don’t keep drinking so that you have trouble making yourself understood by the barman. That kind of heavy drinking will just prove off-putting to your escort and it will certainly ruin what could have been a great night for your both. By the same token, drugs too are out.

There’s no need to disguise your nerves anyway because most escorts worth their salt know that a client meeting with an escort for the first time is going to have a certain level of anxiety. To help them combat this, an escort will go out of her way to make her client feel as relaxed as possible. She wants him to enjoy himself as much as possible, after all!

Make sure your hotel room/apartment is tidy before she turns up

There really is nothing more off-putting for an escort than arriving at a client’s home or hotel room and finding it like a pigsty. Put simply, clutter isn’t sexy. What it is, is depressing. It also shows a certain lack of respect for your escort in that you obviously couldn’t be bothered to tidy up for her. Either that or you’re so disorganised that you ran out of time to tidy up. Neither scenario is impressive.

Feel free to shower our ladies in gifts

Just as you might turn up for a first date armed with flowers, chocolates or a bottle of sparkling wine, it is courtesy to do the same with an escort. Certainly she’ll be charmed by this gentlemanly touch. Make your chosen escort feel special and we are sure that she will do likewise with you.

Warn our girls in advance with any in-sensitivities which you may have

In this day and age of an increased number of allergies and sensitivities amongst the population - not to mention the incredibly high number of asthma sufferers - it wouldn’t surprise your escort to learn you’re allergic to a certain perfume or food stuff. So do tell her. Likewise she will tell you if she has difficulty with a certain foodstuff or scent.

Bear in mind the above and we’re sure your escort date will go smoothly. The main thing is to enjoy it - most clients enjoy themselves so much that they find it’s over all too soon.