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Just how do you get great value from your escort? What exactly does great value mean?

There is much more to booking an escort than simply the price that she charges for her company that are usually well advertised on her profile. And when you consider value you have to actually consider what you mean by this. For example, approach a stunning girl in a bar or club and ask her to spend a couple of hours of passion with you how much do you think she would ask of you. One thousand pounds? Five thousand pounds? She may well be horrified and put a crazy price on this act.

Conversely an escort offering her services at less than £200 per hour already looks incredible value. Think about what you re getting for her fee. A stunning beautiful young lady at the very prime of her life. No dating game involved buying countless drinks, meals, presents and all of the associated things needed in order to get that first little feel which is never guaranteed and may not live up to expectations anyway.

Many women wish guys had chocolate cocks that ejaculated cash and unfortunately there is no changing their stubborn minds.

So What Does a Cheap Escort Cost?

Booking cheap London escorts means that you know exactly what you are going to get. And what is more you get to choose the recipient of your time and affection. There are countless stunning escorts on most escort agency websites and all are available for an agreed fee without all of the nonsense mentioned above.

What else could you get for a couple of hundred quid that comes anywhere close to this experience? Meal out and a few drinks maybe but so what?

One area worth considering though is the services that some of these stunning ladies offer. Many guys like OWO escort services, or indulge themselves in A Level activities which may be forbidden by her indoors. Take a look at what each escort charges per hour but also look carefully to see which services she offers as standard in her hourly rates.

There are some escorts who think its great to charge extra for A Levels or WS activities – Golden Showers that is. Where as some girls are happy to include all of these services in her standard hourly charge and do not feel the need to charge for what some consider to be extras.

Book an independent escort and who knows what you will actually get. The agreement between you both may have been made on the phone but when you actually start to request what has been agreed then it is for no means certain that she will entertain them and progress without you flashing your cash at her. Booking with an reputable escort agency will prevent you from being ripped off and make sure that your experience is as agreed in advance.

With a little care you can get excellent value from escorts, plan ahead and all will be fine.