Come clubbing with me and feed me chocolate

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Really, I am so busy these days. But not in the way you think, I expect. I mean it’s not as if have lots of escort clients. I do have a fair amount of regular customers to be fair but it’s the studying that keeps me wanting to put matchsticks in my eyes to keep them open.

I’m here, from Europe, as a student, you see. I’m at university and studying hard so that eventually I will one day have a brilliant career in languages. I know this will happen if I work enough. In the meantime escorting helps me pay for the lifestyle I want while studying. Believe me, I’m not the kind of girl to have her stuck in books all day and night.

My favourite clubbing hot spots in London

I love clubbing too (ok, another reason why I don’t sleep so much!). My favourite clubs in London are the fabulous Ministry of Sound and the giant warehouse club, Omeara. The second one I mention is only a year old but it’s already hugely popular and stays open until 6am most nights of the week. They also serve up the best tequila I have ever tasted at their very popular Mexican bar.

But, I also go to the high class establishments in London. The reason I can afford to do this is because I have a very kind Sugar Daddy who insists on taking me to Tramp nightclub every time he comes to town. And I really love it there! A typical evening for the two of us at Tramp starts off in the Gold Room where we will relax on the beautifully soft cushioned seats and sip a couple of cocktails from copper cups (we always get the delicious Gold Digger cocktail, you see). This is malt whisky mixed with fresh lemon juice and raspberries, ginger beer and Aperol. Delicious!

After that we move on to the Zodiac Room where he will always sample what he says are some amazing fish or chicken dishes. Me, I usually opt for the duck salad, every time. It’s not that I’m on a diet though because certainly, we cannot leave this Zodiac Room - well, I cannot anyway - without eating at least one portion of the warm, gooey and gorgeous, chocolate fondant. Ah, happy memories. Unfortunately my lovely Sugar Daddy client is from Sydney in Australia and is not expected back in town until the week of Christmas so I will just have to wait a bit longer for me to have that particular delicacy melting on my tongue again * sigh *.

Give me gooey chocolate and I will be happy

Actually, I will admit to being a big chocoholic so if you ever visit me as a client and want to bring me a little gift then please do not waste your time with champagne or fancy wine. You will always get me in an extremely good mood if you turn up with a box of the lovely Harrod’s own chocolates or any Hotel Chocolate selection, in fact. So now you know…

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