Most Romantic European Destinations

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Yes, escorts in London - just like the rest of the population there - have diverse tastes and interests. But we bet most of them will cite the following destinations as top of their romantic hit list. And if you haven’t been with a gorgeous lady (or man) yourself to most of these particularly romantic locations, then what’s wrong with you?


Ok, kissing at the Trevi Fountain may be a bit of a cliche. But it’s a cliche for a reason - this really is a gorgeous spot to have a lip-meeting moment together. All that ancient marble, tumbling water and the beautiful backdrop…and someone probably launching into the odd aria in the background. Really, who could resist?


More sexy than romantic - although it definitely does have its moments - Amsterdam offers a host of seductive and fun past times for the visitor. Practically the most liberal capital in Europe, don’t get too caught up in the dope cafes or Red Light district that you miss the gorgeous tree-lined canals which are all adorned with sweet little arched bridges along the way.


Ole’!! Who doesn’t love the hot, passionate and temperamental Spanish capital? Overeen by the Guadarrama Mountain Range, this city has romance in its soul. Whether that’s in the numerous candle-lit pavement bistro tables, the finger-style Tapas or the gorgeous Royal Palace, believe us when we say that it’s not just the weather that’s hot in Madrid during the warmer months.


Cuddling in a gondola while sharing a Cornetto (or similar!) to the strains of some Italian operatic tune - Venice is another romantic European must. This is a romantic city, full stop. Whether you are holding hands on the Rialto Bridge or getting lost together in the city’s labyrinths alleyways, love is sure to blossom.


This simply couldn’t be a romantic destination hot spot list without mention of the City of Lovers. For centuries now romances have been created and tragically ended here. Beautiful architecture, candlelit bistros with gorgeous gastronomy and the lovely River Seine pathways offering seductive moonlight walks. What’s not to like?


Not surprisingly, yet another Italian location, Florence itself is beautiful with its ancient architecture and links to Renaissance Europe. But it’s the breathtakingly beautifully hillsides dotted with Cyprus trees, vines and olive groves that really does it for us. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married here. Now, when one of the world’s richest couples ties the know here well, that tells you something…


Yes, it’s going to be cold - but that’s all the more reason for snuggling up together! Iceland’s capital city has been a firm favourite with lovers for a number of years now, thanks to its hot tubs, clear view of the Northern Lights and its friendly residents. Then there’s the lake, surrounded by all those gorgeous colourful neighbourhoods.

So, how many of the above have you hit yet? If there’s still gaps in your Euro city knowledge we’d recommend going soon (definitely before Brexit hits!).